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Divorce & Family Disputes

This is a complicated area. As well as making orders for maintenance a Court can order one spouse to pay to the other a lump sum; it can order a home and other property to be transferred to the other spouse; and it can make certain alterations to a spouse's pension.

Courts have no mathematical formula for sorting out disputes over money. They take into account the financial and other circumstances of each individual. Where there are children the first priority is usually to see that they have a roof over their heads. Only in very rare circumstances will a Court say that one spouse is at fault for the marriage breaking down and take that spouse's behaviour into account.

The longer it takes to sort out a dispute over money the more expensive it is likely to be. Every attempt should be made to reach an agreement without going to Court although this is usually easier said than done.

The costs of a financial dispute varies widely.

The time it takes to resolve a financial dispute also varies widely but around 9 months to 15 months is typical.

(Also see Mediation).

N.B. for information only - this guide does not replace the advice of a solicitor.

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