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Divorce & Family Disputes

Mediation is where an independent person (sometimes two independent people) sits down with a separating couple to try to help them reach an agreement over money, property, or arrangements for the children.

Mediators do not make a decision for the couple. They may make suggestions but only the couple themselves can decide on an agreement.

When mediation is successful it is usually cheaper, both emotionally and financially, than going to Court. It is not always successful and whether or not an agreement is reached legal advice is still essential. An agreement can be incorporated into a Court order 'by consent' if necessary.

The following is a copy of an information sheet given to clients by Family Mediation Central Middlesex. They are the mediation arm of Relate Central Middlesex. The web address for Relate (nationwide) is

The telephone number for Family Mediation Central Middlesex is:

020 8427 2076 (+44 20 8427 2076 from outside the UK).
Their address is Civic Centre Complex, Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex.

N.B. for information only - this guide does not replace the advice of a solicitor.


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