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Domestic Violence

Divorce & Family Disputes

Violence in families is very common: more assaults take place at home than on the street. The Police receive numerous calls. Rather than make an arrest they will very often suggest the assaulted person sees a solicitor to 'get an injunction'.

A court can:

  • Make an order saying the violence or harassment should stop. This is called a 'non-molestation' order;

  • Make an order requiring the other person to leave home. This is called an 'occupation' order;

  • Give the Police the power to arrest the other person (although if there has been an assault the Police have that power anyway).

An injunction can cost several hundred pounds or more. Where a person qualifies for Legal Aid all or most of the costs of obtaining a Court order may be met from public funds. Legal Aid is rarely given to a person to object to an order being made against them unless they might become homeless as a result.

A solicitor at Vickers & Co. can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to apply for an order, to oppose an order, or for help if arrested. Please telephone our paging service on
07831 271389.

For further information:

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N.B. for information only - this guide does not replace the advice of a solicitor.


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